Why you Should Change your Locks Regularly Wherever you Live

By : Nick Marr

It is important to consider your personal security, wherever your live. Especially, when you are changing location. This article highlights how vital it is for you to change your locks when you move into a new home.

There is so much on people’s minds when moving. Their last consideration is to think about their security. It is normal for the excitement of a new location, prospect of new friends and the city atmosphere to cloud your mind, so you hurriedly unpack your things and take a walk outside.

However, the main thing that should be on the mind of any new home owner or tenant is changing the door locks so that you are safe in the event that some keys get into the wrong hands. One of the first things to do is to identify capable locksmith company and get them to change the locks. Having new locks and keys will guarantee that you and trusted family members are the only ones who can enter your new house.

Most times, the previous residents hold on to several copies of the house keys, even though the contract specifies that all keys must be submitted upon final sale of the property or change of occupant. This isn’t just a cause for safety concern for you as a new occupant, but could also be an insurance issue in the future. A lot of people don’t realise that homes are usually broken into by people who knew the previous residents. That is why getting a new set of locks is so important.

Additionally, it is a good idea to check the locks to see how they are ranked by the national authority on security. There are certain standards placed on products such as locks to ensure safety. It may be the proper thing to change them altogether for good measure. When you do so, consider working with an expert who knows this; lock-sets are ranked by grade 1, 2 or 3 based on their strength. It is also advisable to install a deadbolt for double protection.

Make sure you replace the locks on every entrance, including the side doors and basements even though they may not be used as regularly as the front or back doors. The most important places to secure are the outside doors including the ones that connect the garage to the house and the main garage door itself.

New tenants have the right to ask their landlord to change the locks during the transition. You should also inquire from the property owner who may have access to your new house, and at what times. Sometimes, for apartment blocks, maintenance staff are required to have a master key. It is good to know this when you move in.

You could choose to change the locks yourself, but it is best to hire the services of a professional locksmith so that they can do a good job for you. It may be at an extra cost, but you want to sleep well knowing that your household is safe and secure.