Workforce Transition During Business Relocation

By : Nick Marr

Business relocations are common occurrences in today’s global business environment, and it has become the norm to find businesses relocating from one country to the next. Business relocations usually occur in order to give the company involved a major competitive advantage, mainly in the form of proximity to the target market, availability of talent pool, as well as closeness to raw materials.

Such relocations usually involve a lot of adjustment for everyone involved, most importantly, for the existing company employees.

Transitioning the workforce after a business relocation can be quite challenging, and requires time and effort to ensure that everyone is on board with the relocation and that the new surroundings do not adversely affect their productivity levels as well as commitment to the company.

The following tips will help your company effectively transition your workforce into their new surroundings.

  • Hire a professional

When looking to transition your workforce effectively after a business move, your biggest priority at this point is to hire a professional with expertise in business relocation matters. Business relocation is usually a sensitive matter for employees especially in the instances where structural adjustments such as letting go of some, have to be made. Outside expertise will ensure that the entire process is handled empathetically and with the deepest care possible to minimise disruption or fear and anxiety amongst the existing employees that will be transferred to the new location.

In addition, outside help that is familiar with the cultural and business environment of the new location can assist your current workforce navigate the new surroundings. Workforce transitions will be much more effective thanks to relocation expert’s tips and guides on how to live and work in the new place.

For instance, when it comes to Business relocation to Switzerland, the relocation and transition expert will be able to guide the employees on how to get acquainted with living and working in Switzerland.

  • Give Notice

Another important tip that you should keep in mind in order to guarantee a successful transition for your employees is to provide ample notice for the planned business relocation. The notice should incorporate specific details about the relocation in order to keep all of the employees in the loop in regards to the relocation.

From the notice, your employees should be able to clearly understand how the relocation will affect them on an individual level including whether their job roles or descriptions will change as a result of the move.

It is recommended to officially announce the relocation a couple of months before the actual move so that everyone involved has enough time to come to terms with the relocation as well as adjust their lives accordingly.

  • Be Open and Inclusive

Giving notice to your employees is important, but it is imperative that you also remain transparent and inclusive about the entire operation from start to finish. This means involving all of the employees when it comes to making major decisions in regards to the move, informing them of any changes that will occur as a result of the relocation, and preparing them to settle quickly and effectively when they arrive at the new business location.

Inclusivity would also entail ensuring that all of your employees’ visas and travel permits are ready, as well as making sure that all of their passports have been processed. It would also include enrolling your employees in language classes if they are going to be transferred to a region whose language they are unfamiliar with.

Consideration should also be made for employees with mental and physical challenges by ensuring that the new office space at the new location is conducive for their mobility as well as for their well-being.