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Beautiful 3 Floor Luxury Villa with 4 Bedroom

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Beautiful 3 Floor Luxury Villa with 4 Bedrooms and Swimming Pool, Palio, Kavala, Greece

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East Macedonia



With its glorious warm climate, picturesque Mediterranean coastlines and welcoming culture, it is no surprise that Greece continues to be regarded as one of the most desirable places across Europe to live. On offer here is the chance to make a shrewd investment into this consistently wonderful place.

Located in the magnificent Palio region of Kavala, this stunning house features 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 floors, private swimming pool, balcony area and a private garden area in which to take in the surrounding views and bath in the warm Mediterranean sunshine. With 8 rooms in total, this house offers potential owners plenty of room to be creative and put their own unique influence on the place. Being so close to the coast, the property overlooks to breath-taking Aegean sea and is just minutes away from many superb beach areas.

This property not only offers buyers a modern, spacious and comfortable place to live, but is also a smart investment into the ever-growing Greek holiday rental market, thanks to its spectacular location. Kavala is not only a beautiful place in its own right but its location, between Thessaloniki and Xanthi, make it a great base from which to explore the many other amazing places that Greece has to offer. The beautiful island of Thasos is also just a short boat trip away. For those wishing to venture a little further, Kavala is also a good place from which to discover many other European countries thanks to its proximity to Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia and Turkey.

Another huge draw in the holiday rental market is the fact the area is surrounded by a vast array of spectacular walking, cycling, water-sports and fishing areas.

The area is also very well-connected transport wise on the ground, in the air with Kavala Airport (just 26 miles away) and by sea with many ports in nearby coastal areas. This is of course yet another huge plus point in the context of the holiday rental/residential commuter markets.


Kavala is a bastion of authentic Greek beauty but is also a modern city that combines old and new in exciting ways.

Stunning white houses clamber up a hill behind a picturesque harbour. Gorgeous little houses cling to steep paths in the historic 'old quarter'. There are sandy beaches, stately squares, chic shops and great walks.

This vibrant city has two crowning glories. A majestic 15th century castle dominates the hilltop and a huge, arched aqueduct built for a sultan 500 years ago still slices through the streets.

These magnificent landmarks light up like beacons at night when restaurants and bars come to life in Kavala and tourists stroll around in the footsteps of history. The city can be traced back 2,700 years, when it was called Neapolis, or New Port, and Alexander the Great ruled. The Romans landed there and won a huge battle.

The Apostle Paul was an early visitor, conducting the first Christian baptism there in 49AD and becoming the city's patron saint. Venetians and Ottoman Turks invaded.

The city wears with pride the many monuments of its amazing history - but it isn't all about the past. Locals call it 'the Blue City' in tribute to the Aegean Sea that fills the Bay of Kavala. There are several lovely sandy beaches, including four with Blue Flag awards.

The cobblestoned port, lined with cafes and palm trees, is busy with everything from traditional fishing boats to contemporary cruise liners.

Stylish streets lead from the main square of Platia Elefterias. Discover smart modern shops, small atmospheric ones and a huge shopping mall once a warehouse when tobacco was the big local industry.

Stroll uphill through Kavala's atmospheric lanes to Panagia, the lovely old quarter, where colourful boutiques and cafes squeeze into the old houses. it's on the way to the castle, known as Kavala's Acropolis, where the views are fantastic.

There are mountains, forests, rivers, waterfalls, even healing mud baths in the countryside nearby. But you can't get away from history. Philippi, a remarkable world heritage ancient site from almost 3,000 years, is only a few kilometres away.

There's a lot going on in Kavala throughout the summer. And the weather makes sure people can get out and enjoy the events.

in the last part of June the town enjoys 'Freedom' with numerous cultural events held to celebrate its liberation in the 1913 Balkan War. The highlight is on June 29 in honour of the Apostle Paul, Kalamata's patron saint.

There's also a Wood Water Wild Festival of music, climbing, bike races, archery, handicrafts and lots more activities along a two-mile 'environmental' path and stream in Old Kavala.

Average temperature in June is just over 20 degrees Centigrade. On most days the sun will be out for about 12 hours. The sea will be warm enough for a dip, at an average temperature of about 20 degrees.

An international festival that celebrates everything from culture to cuisine from other countries spices up Kavala for four days in July. There's a street bazaar, music, dancing, cinema, plays, children's events and street theatre.

July is one of the driest and hottest months of the year. There is likely to be more than 300 sunshine hours in the month and the thermometer will sometimes climb close to 30 degrees Centigrade. The sea is very pleasant 25 degrees and there is very little wind.

Weather conditions are more or less the same for August when the Philippi cultural festival of Kavala, one of the largest events of its kind in Greece, is well under way. Productions which include all types of concerts, plays, dancing, poetry and art start in July and continue through August.

Events are staged in different venues in the town but the main focus is at the ancient theatre in the Philippi archaeological site, once the home of the king of Macedonia who was Alexander the Great's father.

in September Kavala's beaches are still busy and the sea temperature will still be about 24 degrees. The sun should shine for nine or 10 hours a day and it's one of the driest months.

For a superb visual representation of the area, copy and paste the following link to your browser: https://youtu.be/4Wfh7HOTTTk


Located in a peaceful and well-run community
Spacious 230 m2 villa
Extra 250m2 with garden-pool area
4 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
3 floors
Balcony area
Surrounded by stunning views of Aegean sea
Private swimming pool
Private garden area
Massive potential in the holiday rental market
Minutes away from stunning beach areas
Close to essential amenities like such as supermarkets and pharmacies
Close to many excellent bars and restaurants
Great base from which to discover other fantastic areas such as Xanthi and Thessaloniki
Many excellent water sports facilities, fishing, walking and cycling areas nearby
Just 20 minutes from the home stadium of professional football club, Kavala FC
Excellent local transport links
Just 26 miles from Kavala Airport

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