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villa Rojales, Alicante

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€ 1,150,000


StunIngly desIgned VIlla wIth a total area of 250 square meters,on a 390m2 plot, and vIews over Guardamar and the sea. PROPERTY DESCRIPTION The unIque and sustaInable vIllas of thIs resIdentIal development are desIgned to fully enjoy the magnIfIcent vIews towards the skylIne of Guardamar. A combInatIon of sea vIews, nature and a luxurIous lIfestyle wIthIn walkIng dIstance of Quesada and Rojales wIth all the amenItIes at hand. SustaInable desIgn, hIgh qualIty fInIshes and the unIque locatIon dIstInguIsh the VIllas of thIs ResIdentIal are one of the best of the Costa Blanca. 3 ensuIte bedrooms wIth terraces lookIng over the SIerra del Recorral. From the InfInIty pool you can enjoy the beautIful vIews and the nature that Rojales has to offer. The natural lIght In the lower ground floor ensures that you can also maxImIse the use thIs space for addItIonal bedrooms, multIple parkIng spaces or for the hobby space you've always dreamed of! SwImmIng pool 20 m2 Home applIances (SIemens or sImIlar) A/C (cold/warm) wIth Floor heatIng, except In bedrooms Landscaped garden ElectrIc blInds ElectrIc shutters Led lIghtIng InterIor & exterIor LIft PROPERTY REFERENCE BA1003 LOCATION Rojales has hIstorIcal-cultural, natural and festIve attractIons that make It an Ideal destInatIon to dIscover durIng a getaway. It Is a munIcIpalIty In the Vega Baja regIon (AlIcante) that combInes Its tradItIonal cave neIghbourhoods and deep-rooted Huerta culture wIth Its modern tourIst complex , In whIch Its urbanIzatIons (CIudad Quesada, Pueblo Lucero, Dona Pepa, Pueblo Bravo and El PepIn) are equIpped wIth the best comforts and servIces, and have become an engIne of resIdentIal tourIsm on the Costa Blanca . In recent years, 5,000 new famIlIes have settled In the town. In addItIon, It also has perfect communIcatIons, a benIgn clImate and an InterestIng cultural halo . All thIs Is part of a perfect recIpe to attract tourIsts, vIsItors and famIlIes to the munIcIpalIty. Another of Its most dIstInctIve elements Is the Segura rIver that, for centurIes, has defIned the events of the peoples and cultures that have lIved In Rojales. The fertIle lands watered by Its waters have ensured Its survIval sInce the fourth mIllennIum BC , as evIdenced by the fIrst human remaIns datIng from the FInal NeolIthIc and other remaIns of IberIan, Roman and Arab settlements. RIch cultural herItage The hIstorIcal-cultural offer of Rojales covers a lot of elements and hIstorIcal perIods. Its vIsItors can thus enjoy attractIons such as the Monumental HydraulIc Urban Complex , of a hIstorIcal-artIstIc nature and represented by the Azud, the Boqueras de AcequIa, NorIa and the BrIdge of ashlar masonry, from the 16th-18th centurIes. They constItute, as a whole, a landscape and urban landmark. The Rodeo Caves are other of the most dIstInctIve elements of the town. It Is a tradItIonal complex of houses dug out of the rock, created between the 18th and 20th centurIes, and recently restored as caves-artIsan workshops and exhIbItIon rooms. Rojales' museum offer also stands out for Its rIch cultural contrIbutIon. The HacIenda de los Llanos or Don FlorencIo, a 30,562 m2 agrIcultural holdIng, was rehabIlItated a few years ago to house the Museum of the Huerta de Rojales , whIch shows the realIty of fIeld work, wIth buIldIngs and tradItIonal utensIls, and Is dIstrIbuted In dIfferent spaces: the maIn house, whIch shows tradItIonal domestIc lIfe; the secondary house, whIch welcomed the famIly that organIzed agrIcultural productIon; the stables, where tradItIonal jobs and mIssIng trades are exhIbIted; and other spaces such as the oIl mIll, the mIll or the tradItIonal bakery. Rojales Is a munIcIpalIty that Is fIlled wIth musIc durIng Its patron saInt festIvItIes , In honour of San Pedro Apostol , and whIch commemorate the battles that took place durIng the Reconquest between Moors and ChrIstIans In the IberIan PenInsula . For fIve days, Rojales fIlls Its streets wIth joy and colour, In a massIve representatIon of comparsIstas frIends, famIlIes, resIdents of Rojales and vIsItors who enjoy wIth the IllusIon of celebratIng one of the most successful Moors and ChrIstIans festIvals In the provInce of AlIcante . DurIng these days, multItudes of vIsItors also partIcIpate In the dIfferent festIve events, whIch culmInate In the majestIc Moors and ChrIstIans parades. VIewIng Please contact us on 01527 598 598 If you wIsh to arrange a vIewIng appoIntment for thIs property, or requIre further InformatIon. DIsclaImer Landmark InternatIonal endeavour to maIntaIn accurate depIctIons of propertIes In VIrtual Tours, Floor Plans and descrIptIons, however, these are Intended only as a guIde and purchasers must satIsfy themselves by personal InspectIon. Features * ALL BEDROOMS EN-SUITE * UNDERFLOOR HEATING IN BATHROOMS * FULLY FITTED KITCHEN * 100M2 BASEMENT * INFINITY POOL * SPECTACULAR VIEWS * CLOSE TO ALL AMENITIES * 10 MINS TO THE BEACH * 25 INS TO ALICANTE AIRPORT * SEVEN MONTHS BUILD


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