Discover Opulent Living in the Heart of Latvia: Tour the Fully Renovated 4 Beds Villa Riga in Vidzeme


Nestled in the historic heart of Riga, the capital city of Latvia, lies the Royal Residence Vecriga, a prestigious 5-storey mansion that embodies the very essence of luxury and cultural heritage. This 1886 architectural marvel on Gleznotaju Street has been fully rejuvenated by the renowned Gleb Protko’s Design Studio, offering an exquisite blend of Old Riga’s historical spirit with the finest modern comforts and technology.

From its intricate ceilings adorned with elaborate crystal chandeliers to its polished marble flooring, this property is the epitome of sophistication. The spacious and well-lit dining room symbolizes the opulence that awaits within this palatial abode. With meticulously designed details such as bespoke wainscotings, decorative cornices, and dazzling wall mirrors that amplify the grandeur of the space, future owners are promised an ambiance of timeless elegance.

The mansion offers 12 rooms, including 4 luxurious bedrooms and 6 pristine bathrooms, with ample storage options, a well-appointed security room for a concierge, and even a sauna to unwind after a long day. The presence of an automated Smart Home system by ABB, lift equipment by Kone, and air conditioning and ventilation by Daikin ensures top-tier comfort and convenience.

The infrastructure and amenities surrounding Royal Residence Vecriga are second to none. The area is well connected, with efficient public transportation networks and access to modern conveniences without sacrificing the serene beauty of Latvia’s landscapes. Proximity to the Riga International Airport, a mere 20 minutes away, and the availability of modern road infrastructure, facilitate easy travel within Europe and beyond.

The climate in Riga is characterized by warm summers and cold winters, typical of the Northern European experience. The changing seasons offer a picturesque setting, from the lush greens of summer to the magical snowfall in winter. This climate affords residents the luxury of savoring a variety of outdoor activities and the beauty of natural transitions right at their doorstep.

For the international elite seeking an enticing investment opportunity or an opulent second home, Riga’s economic stability, and Latvia’s charm present a particularly attractive proposition. Latvia’s participation in the European Union grants investors and residents access to the seamless benefits of EU membership, including the ease of travel and economic transactions across European nations.

The Royal Residence Vecriga not only represents a haven for those who appreciate the finer things in life but is also a testament to the confluence of artistic heritage and innovative luxury. The mansion’s intricate design features, from Swarovski lighting fixtures to Bang & Olufsen audio systems, and indulgent SPA zone equipment by Maletti, reflect a commitment to only the most esteemed European and international manufacturers.

Furniture and decor highlight European craftsmanship, with pieces from Angelo Cappellini and Lineatre, while the ecological considerations are not amiss, with the use of German eco-friendly coatings throughout the interior. It is this meticulous attention to detail, from the Swiss fabric curtains to the Venetian plaster, that sets this property apart.

In conclusion, the Royal Residence Vecriga is an alluring mix of tranquility, history, and modern opulence. It stands not just as a living space but as a statement of lavish comfort and prestige. This magnificent mansion is not simply a home—it is a legacy waiting to be embraced by those who seek the quintessence of luxury living.

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