Choosing a Luxury Real Estate Rental for Your Next Vacation in Saint-Tropez


As one of the most beautiful coastal regions in France, Saint-Tropez is a fantastic tourist destination. If you are looking forward to enjoying a life of Luxury during your vacations, special events, or business trips, you should consider a VPS Saint-Tropez villa rental . This article details the luxury and comfort you can enjoy when you trust Villa Prestige Service (VPS).

What You Get From Luxury Real Estate Rentals in Saint-Tropez

When you opt for Villa Prestige Service (VPS), you will enjoy the services below.

Luxury Accommodation

VPS offers exclusive villas with extra-modern amenities. Each building has a private pool, state-of-the-art finishing, and private security. Some villas have seaside views for an even more relaxing stay.

Concierge Services

When you rent a villa with VPS, you will be entitled to concierge services throughout your stay. You don’t need to lift a finger for anything. They handle everything from restaurant reservations and transportation to planning an itinerary on your behalf.

Exclusive Events Management

VPS doesn’t just give you a place to stay during vacation; they also handle special events. You can plan that destination wedding or treat your business associate to a corporate event at a luxury destination.

Personal Shopping Services

You can’t talk about shopping without mentioning personal shopping services. VPS has staff dedicated to guiding you through town as you explore some of the best boutiques and jewelry stores in Saint-Tropez.

Types of Luxury Rentals in Saint-Tropez

Variety is another reason to choose Saint-Tropez for your big event or vacation. VPS offers different types of luxury villas, and some of the top picks are mentioned below.


This 3-bedroom villa is just five minutes away from Bouillabaisse beach. The sea view is out of this world, and you will enjoy uninterrupted services during your stay. Up to six people can stay in this rental at a time.


If you are traveling with children, you may want to consider the Happy View villa. This 3-bedroom villa can take up to eight guests at a time. It has a heated pool, unlimited wifi, a cinema, and a linen room.


If you want a yard equipped with a barbecue grill and everything you need to make it, this villa is for you. You can also get someone from VPS’s concierge service to handle the BBQ.
All the VPS Saint-Tropez villas come with bespoke services. This means the facility managers provide custom-made services for guests renting a villa.

Testimonials and Experiences from Satisfied VPS Customers

1. “We’ve stayed in several rental villas throughout Europe, but our experience with Villa Prestige Service in Saint-Tropez exceeded our expectations. From the moment we arrived, the VPS team ensured our every desire was met. The villa was stunning and equipped with all the modern conveniences you could want. It was in a prime location, within walking distance of the beach and marketplace. We highly recommend VPS for an unforgettable vacation!” – The Andersons
2. “Our stay in Saint-Tropez with Villa Prestige Service was extraordinary. The villa was breathtaking and provided the ultimate luxury. The VPS team went above and beyond with their hospitality, ensuring we had an unforgettable vacation from start to finish. The location was perfect, within walking distance of all the famous attractions and nightlife in the area. We would 100% recommend VPS for an incredible vacation experience you will never forget.” – The Williams Family.


Whether you are visiting the French Riviera for the first time or you’ve been there before, VPS offers a luxurious experience that you cannot enjoy anywhere else.

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