Do I Need to Renovate the Living Room Before I Sell My House


Most if not all homeowners selling their homes want to sell them fast so they may want to skip renovating the home altogether. If you are selling your home, it’s worth giving some thought to whether you should renovate some parts of it, first. Because the living room is a central part of the house, decide if you want to spice up its look with some fancy table lamps for living room or remodel it completely to make it more attractive.

Can’t make a decision? No worries! Below, we’ve tackled some important considerations when selling your home to help you decide whether you should renovate your living room or not.


Consider Your Buyers

Different buyers look for different things in a home – some want a ‘move-in ready’ home while others prefer an ‘undone’ home so they can do the renovations themselves. If your target audience is retirees, for example, you should assume they want a cosy place that is clean and ready for them to settle in once the property is sold. It may be best to remodel your living room if you are aiming to sell your home to an old couple.

Couples with kids or growing families don’t usually have the time or extra funds to renovate their new home themselves as well. A fresh home that is ready for a move-in will be more attractive to them and they’ll probably be willing to buy it at a higher price too.

Meanwhile, if your target prospects are young couples or single people, they might want to personalise the space so less is more for them.  You can focus on doing the necessary repairs instead of spending too much on beautifying the space if they are your audience.


Prioritise the Necessary Repairs

Whether you’re planning to focus on repairing your home or going on an all-out remodelling project – after learning more about your target audience in the last section – the first best step to take is always to fix up your home. Make a list of the areas in your living room that need urgent repairs; make sure to look out for warning signs that you need to call an electrician or master carpenter. You can hire a professional house inspector as well.

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Before starting your project, clearly define your budget to make sure you don’t overspend; your goal is to earn more money by renovating your living room and not lose profit. Organise your ‘to repair’ list by order of urgency meaning, do the repairs that need to be fixed right away then slowly make your down the list. If you have an extra budget after covering the expense for the necessary repairs, you can move on to enhancing the space aesthetically.


Low-Cost Living Room Renovation Ideas 

Now that your living room is all fixed up and ready for some glamourising, here are some inexpensive renovation projects to consider:


  1. Replace your front entry door. 

Front doors typically lead to the living room space so replacing them with new ones or simply refreshing their old look can make a huge difference. Not only will your living room look good from the inside but it will give your audience a glimpse of your home from the outside too.


  1. Change the lighting of the room. 

Your living room’s lighting can affect the overall impression a buyer has of your home. Brighten up the space with some bright yet slightly warm lights. You can also have your windows replaced with bigger ones, if you have the budget for it, so the room looks even brighter with the natural sunlight.


  1. Repaint the walls with a fresh colour. 

You can easily buy inexpensive paint from any hardware to paint the walls of your living room with and give it a fresh new ambiance. It’s best to choose neutral colours, to be safe, since not many home buyers like dark or vibrant colours.

Renovating your living room is not an absolute must before selling your home; it still depends on your target audience, your budget, and the current condition of your home. Define your ideal buyer, calculate the budget you have for the renovation, and assess your home for necessary repairs to decide on which renovation projects are best for your living room.

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