How To Install Golf Putting Green Carpet

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Putting green turf is a kind of artificial grass used in certain parts of a golf course. It’s made from synthetic materials such as polypropylene or nylon. The main difference between putting turf and standard turf is the pile height and density. Putting turf has a lower and thinner pile to allow the golf ball to roll and stop smoothly as it would on natural grass.

This type of turf is relatively easy to install on your own. This way, you can save money on installation and design the turf to your liking. Here are some suggestions you can consider when installing your own golf putting green carpet:


  • Prepare Your Materials 

You’ll need the following materials and tools to install your artificial putting green:

  • Artificial putting turf rolls (size and volume depends on the lot area)
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Rake
  • Putting cups
  • Shovel
  • Grasscutter
  • Hammer and nails
  • Staple gun and metal staples
  • Infill

You may also need adhesives if you’re going to put rolls of putting turf together to create a whole sheet. It may be an essential step if you have a wide lot area to cover.


  • Create A Base 

To create a base for your turf, you’ll need to remove the grass on your selected location and about 10 inches of topsoil with a shovel. To prevent weed growth, you can put landscape fabric on top of the ground and secure it with sod staples. Cover the base with gravel once the lot is ready, leaving enough space on top for the sand and the turf. Level the layer of gravel, and then pour fine sand on top and smoothen the surface using a weighted roller to make a compact base.

After smoothening and leveling your base, there should be at least one and a half inches of space left on the surface for the putting turf.


  • Install The Putting Cups 

Mark spots on the base where you’d like to place the putting cups permanently. Then, dig a hole two inches wider in diameter than the size of one cup in each marked spot. The depth should be equal to the height of the cups.

Place the putting cups on the holes and secure them by pouring a fast-drying concrete mixture on the exterior, leaving one inch of the cup exposed. It’s vital to keep the putting holes leveled with the rest of the turf once it’s laid out.

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  • Roll Out The Artificial Turf  

If you’re going to use several rolls of putting carpet, you’ll need to tape or staple them together to create one whole sheet before laying it out on the base. This way, you can ensure that all the seams will be flat and level to keep the surface smooth.

Also, you’ll need to leave your artificial grass carpet out under direct sunlight for two hours before installing it on the base. It’s an effective way to eliminate any wrinkles, especially at the bottom layer of the turf. Then, use a broom or a plastic rake to comb the grass fibers against their placement to make each blade upright. It’s an important step that will make pouring and leveling of infill easier later. Once the turf is ready, you can roll it out to cover the base, smoothening out all the creases as you do so. Trim any excess on the edges and secure the turf using nails or staples.


  • Spread Infill 

The final step is spreading green infill over the putting green surface to weigh down the turf and keep the blades upright. As you pour the infill, gently rake the surface to make the blades stand erect and level out the infill as well. Brush off any excess or clumps to keep the surface smooth.


  •  Post-Installation Maintenance 

To maintain your putting green carpet, you’ll need to brush its surface using a push broom or a plastic rake every once in a while. It will help remove debris and keep the grass fibers clean and upright. In case of stains or spills, you can spot clean using a mild cleaner, a wet rag, or a soft brush.



Having a putting green turf on your lawn is an excellent addition, especially if you want to enjoy your favorite sport in the comfort of your own home. It’s also a great way to keep your friends or guests entertained when hosting gatherings. Given its value, you can also consider it a significant investment in your property.

You can save time, effort, and resources should you decide to install a putting turf on your own. It can also be a fun and rewarding experience that you can share with your family, provided that you have sufficient knowledge, materials, and tools to complete the task.

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