Where to buy a Luxury Property in Europe

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The first thing you have to know, if you are looking to buy a luxury property in Europe, is that they are the highest priced, anywhere in the world. Of course, that is in the prime real-estate markets. But if you are looking to acquire a property to rent it to travelers or for a pied-à-terre, there are some locations that are better than other. Here is a closer look at the situation.

Why Europe?

Choosing a location for a luxury property is not easy, when you look at everything that is available around the world. You could choose to live in a high-rise in Manhattan or one in Hong Kong, for amazing views, as an example. So why do people choose Europe? If you ask the new owners, they will most often answer that they have bought in Europe in order to have access to great food, a wealth of culture and incredible sceneries of nature. Not surprising, then, that the market for such properties has continued to rise, over the last year, at a rate of 5.6%. If you do decide it is time for the big move, look into these local removal companies that can help you settle into your new home, once you will have found it.

For Those looking for Capital Growth

Western Europe is still the best place to buy a property, if your goal is to make money out of it, when you resell it, later on. Houses in that real estate market have had the highest rise worldwide, over the last 12 months. More precisely, a house in Berlin, Germany has gained (in average) over 12%, in regards to high-end housing. It is way higher than any of its competitors, which click in at 7.3% for New York City, 3.1% for Hong Kong, and 2.5% for London. But Berlin is not alone, in Europe. In Edinburgh (Scotland), luxury properties cost have risen by 11.2%, while in Dublin and Zurich, they have stepped up by 10.2%. And if you like classics, then Paris is still the city for you, with an increase of 8.9% in a year.

For Those looking to rent

There is no doubt that the best luxury properties in Europe, to rent, are located by the Mediterranean Sea. It is especially true in Italy, most specifically in the Tuscany and Liguria regions. If you have never been to Tuscany before, you will be blown away by the beauty that you will find on its land. It is that quality that people are looking for, when they decide to holiday in the region. They could move farther south, all the way to Sicily, to get a warmer sea, but it isn’t what they crave for. You can also decide to buy a house on the south coast of France or in the Alps. While in Spain, Barcelona is still number one, with great values to be found in Marbella and the Balearic Islands. But then, don’t expect the spectacle of nature offered by Italy’s coast.

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