The Attractive Neighborhoods Of Barcelona

Spain’s second-largest city is bustling with plazas, parks, restaurants, theatres, and great beaches. The art and architecture of the city show diversity from the pre-Roman to the Modernist era. The city of Barcelona is vibrant, colourful and full of interesting places. It is definitely one of the most diverse and multi-culture European cities which makes it the best option to spend retirement days.

Here are some of the most amazing neighbourhoods with their advantages, disadvantages, flavour, and character to help you make your pick.

Where To Spend Retirement Life In Barcelona

El Raval

The neighbourhood is centrally located and it is gritty. This area interests the pioneer investors most because it is expected to become the next popular La Rivera.

The area is soon going to become super expensive so, it is wise to invest now. It is undergoing a renaissance and the signs are showing how chic it is going to become in a short while.

Of course, you want peace, calm, and serenity to surround you after spending a busy life of work. This place can offer all the modern reliefs. This neighbourhood is one of the best places to retire to in Barcelona.

La Zona Alta

If you want to spend the days away from tourists and the hubbub of the bustling city, this is the area where you will be at ease. It is located on the Northwest side of the city in the Pedralbes district of Zona Alta.

People recognize it as one of the most prestigious and biggest neighbourhoods of Barcelona. If you are someone who enjoys elegant apartment blocks, huge mansions, and a life of comfort and luxury, this is the place!

You will find all the international schools here and the area gives off a quiet residential feel which reeks of riches. You will not find tourists here seldom any would turn to its directions every once in a while.

La Ribera

The area is originally an extension of Old Town which was specified for the richest families. However, it has seen a massive transformation in the past decade or so and it has become desirable and chic from the rundown.

It is considered a top choice of foreigners with a decent budget. The recent Born Cultural Center captured the heart of the place and it is now a major attraction here. This is not all, the neighbourhood is also home to the famous Picasso Museum and the Santa Maria del March Church.

The majority of the buildings here retain their original, historic façade which works as a great cover for the modernized apartment buildings.

Sant Marti

If you are looking for the best places to retire to in Barcelona, then Sant Marti is a must on this list. It includes Pablenou which should be enough to convince you. for those of you who don’t know Pablenou has some of the best beaches in Barcelona, do we need to say more?

Until the end of the last century, the area literally has its back to the beaches because only factory workers, fishermen, and local tradesmen used to live there and the beaches were dirty industrial areas only.

However, the 1992 Olympics worked in favour of the area as it does for the entire city. The seafront area was developed to house competing athletes in the Olympics which is known as Villa Olympica. The area was cleaned up marvellously that it gained blue-flag status, even a new Olympic Port was opened.

It is also the neighbourhood where you can find the most nudist and guy beaches in Europe.


If we go back into the history of this small neighbourhood, this is where all the fishermen used to live. It is one of the smallest barrios in the city. Here you will find small buildings and narrow streets. The size of an average apartment is from 30 to 40 square meters and they are not at all fancy or modernized.

Now, you must be thinking why is this place even on the list and why you should consider it as one of the best places to retire to in Barcelona? this neighbourhood makes the list due to the easy walk to see the sites because of the beach. Also, it offers amazing sports facilities which interest buy-to-rent investors and soon the prices of property will be sky-rocketing here.


A fun fact about this area is that it was not a part of Barcelona city but a small town on its own. With time the boundaries slowly merged and now it is a district on the northern side of the Ciutat Vella.

You will find several streets narrow here but the community feels are real in this part of the city. If you want to sit down and enjoy s quiet place often, then this is where you should invest and maybe live one day. The community feel and prettiness of the area is unmatched and we are sure once you have discovered the soul of this place you wouldn’t want to leave.

Barri Gòtico

The Gothic Quarter should interest you if you enjoy the hustle-bustle and tourists. It is the most touristy area in the entire city of Barcelona. if you back in history you will find the wealthiest of the city lived here.

Over the last decade, the area has undergone a transformation and it has become trendy again. You will find intriguing ancient history, small apartments, and narrow streets here.

The backbone of the area has to be the popular pedestrianized La Rambla with amazingly ancient buildings flowing off as it leads towards the sea.

However, this area has a major drawback because it is not friendly for people with walking disabilities. Much of the area is difficult to access even by car and the majority of the buildings do not have elevators.

Bottom Line

Barcelona is probably the city where everyone can find a neighbourhood that suits them. This is exactly what makes it the best place to invest and spend carefree days. It is common knowledge that the city is an amazing vacation destination but few know that it is also a pertinent place to live in.

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