Things To Look For When Buying A House

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Buying your new home is exciting but it is also a great responsibility. You cannot be impulsive in this regard. Everyone has a wish list of the things they would like to have in their new home but at times you may have to compromise on some of the things. However, there is also some must-haves that shouldn’t be ignored when such a big decision.

Let’s have a look at the key factors to consider before investing in a property.

Factors To Consider Before House Buying

The Location Of Your House

Location is probably the one thing that you cannot change about the property. This makes it absolutely vital and you should be one hundred and one percent sure that you would like to live here.

You may have visited several homes for sale in Vancouver already and if you haven’t made a decision yet, there must be a reason. Other factors are also important but having your home at a location where you are comfortable tops the chart.

You should live in an area where you can enjoy yourself. Also, things like your commute to work, school, nearby entertainment options, and shopping facilities should be considered. Most of the aspects can be changed or modified but the land where your house stands remains the same so, you shouldn’t compromise on it.

The Amenities Of Your House

Amenities inside the home and around it matters a lot. The quality of kitchen appliances, type of flooring, bathroom finishes, lighting fixtures, and backyard features are some of them.

When it comes to amenities it depends on your likes and wishes list. No one can tell you what is better for you regarding amenities. You may have something in mind and you may prefer an unfinished basement so you have the room to add your personal touch to it. similarly, you may like a deck instead of a garage, it all depends and you are the one deciding.

However, you shouldn’t be letting go of a lot of your personal favourites because then getting them all later would be an additional burden on your pocket. Try to keep your focus on the expensive features which you know would be difficult to get on your own once you have purchased the house.

What shouldn’t be the main driver behind your house purchasing decision are the amenities that can be replaced easily.

The Size Of Your House

No one gets to decide how big or small your home should be other than you. if you have outdoor features in mind like a gazebo, a deck, a swimming pool, landscaping, a shed, or any sports court, then you should consider buying a larger piece of land.

If you are not into these outdoor amenities and instead prefer more rooms or larger rooms you should look into properties that are built in such a manner. Assessing the size of grounds and yards depends on your preferences.

Envisioning how you would like the house in future and what features you may add later will help you decide what kind of land you are looking at and where you should invest.

The Style And Size Of Your Home

The square footage and layout of the house matter too. If you are not content with either one of these you may not enjoy living in the house and what is the point of purchasing a property that you cannot call home or that doesn’t feel like one?

Not to forget that your needs may also change with time as your family grow or if one or two members are added. This is why considering the short and long-term needs of the family regarding the size of a house is a must. Apart from the size, the practicality of the flooring plan is another aspect that cannot be missed.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to gain clarity on the matter:

What style do you envision when you think about your house?

Do you prefer everything on one floor like a ranch?

Do you like the multi-floor living style?

Do you like maintaining an exterior or do you prefer living in a house like a condo?

When you have answers to these questions you will have a clearer picture of what you want and how you like it.

Always consider looking for homes for sale in Vancouver that allow you to expand in future. Upgrades are not cheap but purchasing a house with room to expand will save you a lot down the line when you wouldn’t have to buy another house when your needs inflate.

The Price Of Your House

Of course, you need to choose a house that’s within your budget. It should have a mortgage plan that you are comfortable with. The price tag on homes is one of the most common make or break considerations.

You need to be mindful of the market as it is a highly competitive one. If you have fallen in love with a property and you want it, then be ready and willing to negotiate a little. Properties are claimed within days and in some cases, all it takes is mere hours.

However, if you are going to up your set budget, then be sure it is the house of your dreams so you don’t regret putting everything on the table before when you make a deal.


If you want to keep yourself away from buyers’ remorse and feeling that you have overpaid for the house and it was under-evaluated, ensure you have marked checked on all the above-mentioned factors.

Always prioritize what you want in your house and choose accordingly. This is the only way to ensure you don’t make any mistakes. Creating lists may seem like an old school kind of thing but it will save you from over-expanding and you will be able to get what you desire.

Identifying your must-haves and nice-to-haves is all the difference you need to make in your lists and that would ultimately benefit you in getting a house that will be your home for a long time to come. And remember to check the heating system, as people can actually sell a property without a fully functional system.

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