What to Look for When Buying a Parasol?

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Who doesn’t love spending a nice time outdoors? Maybe you love to read in the garden. Or you want to lie down in a hammock and listen to the music. Or some family time with your kids.

It all sounds fun. But what about the summer heat?

A single solution to make outdoor seating more comfortable is a Parasol. Not only will it protect you from the summer heat but will also enhance outdoor aesthetics.

Be it a home garden, a rooftop restaurant, or a commercial building, a parasol gives a perfect shield.

Besides, it’s easy to order and install. You can choose from various types and designs from Solero Parasols for both personal and professional use. And they will help you fix it.

But before buying the right parasol, here’s what you should know.


A Parasol Buying Guide: 5 Simple Tips


  • The Canopy Material 

The most important thing to consider while buying a parasol is the canopy material. A good quality canopy material gives better protection from UV rays and lasts longer.

Some common types of canopy materials are polyester, aluminum, acrylic, and olefin. Polyester and aluminum canopies offer good protection. But they might fade after 3 to 4 years.

Acrylic and Olefin might last longer. You can choose the material based on your budget and usage.


  • The Frame

A good canopy should be complemented with the right frame. It should be sturdy and resistant to environmental changes.

You can choose between wood, aluminum, or stainless steel for the frame. Stainless steel frames are more resistant to external factors and look fantastic with the decor.

The combination of wooden and stainless steel frames is also sturdy.


  • The Height

If you are buying a parasol for a garden, deck, or a restaurant outdoors, parasol height is important.

Parasols come with a telescopic pole that unfolds to give you the desired height. You can adjust the height as needed.

For the restaurants where tables are already organized, a parasol can be permanently fixed. The height will make sure it doesn’t touch the table or chairs.

Or, if you are planning to mount it on the wall, the wall parasols come with brackets. You can attach them at any height on the wall.


  • The size

You’ll find parasols in various diameters and lengths.

Garden parasols come from 200x200cm to 400x400cm. Cantilever and wall parasols come in a similar size range. Commercial parasols can be larger, 500x500cm or more.

If you are buying for your home, a small to medium parasol would be enough. Restaurants or commercial offices might want to go with larger ones.


  • Shape and Design

Finally, you need to browse through the shape and design options to choose your favorite. Shapes are usually circles, squares, or rectangles. And the types are standing, tilted, cantilever, wall-mounted, and telescopic parasols.

Design is a combination of material, color, and type. You can get a parasol that matches the decor of the surroundings.


Final Words

Choosing a parasol becomes easy when you know exactly what you are looking for. And even if not, Solero will help you install the right parasol.

The typical price range for parasols is between $299 to $2000, 100 bucks here and there. You can easily order it online and get it installed at the desired location.

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