Why Abstract Lighting Like A Deer Antler Chandelier Can Help With Renting Your Property

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If you own property, then you might be looking for ways to monetize that property when you are out of town. With that being the case, it pays to invest as much time and effort as you can into adding fresh and exciting accents. For example, have you ever thought about changing your lighting sources at your home?

Renting a property becomes much easier if you can focus on adding different accents and features. For example, changing your lighting to a more abstract design could be just what you need. Why is abstract lighting so useful in property rental, though?

Add personality to the property

For one, you can add a bit of extra life to the property. Some extra personality can really shine through if you add something that fits in with the theme of the area. Let us say, for example, that your property is in a most rustic and rural location. What about adding design elements that are based on nature and animals?

For example, something like a deer antler chandelier (which you can buy from https://tetonlighting.com/) could work very well. This fits in with the design of the property, without feeling too garish. This works well because it fits in with a specific theme, but it also looks quite grandiose. Opulence sells, especially when it feels relevant to the fit and feel of the wider property.

You can create a specific look

Especially if you are renting out numerous properties, having lighting fittings that are more abstract can make a very appealing look. This can make it feel more like a ‘brand’ style of rental; people who rent your homes know they will be getting more creative design elements.

Not every renter wants blandness

While some people renting – especially long-term – might want to focus on having neutrality, personality can go a long way. Not everyone choosing to rent your property wants something that is basic and neutral. Adding a bit of invention can make it easier for someone to stick around, as they feel like the property is already fitted without having to make any adjustments.

Showing off your personal taste

Another factor that can come into play when choosing abstract lighting is that it can show off your own personal taste and flair. You can really give your property an extra lift and even make it easier for your property to be rented at higher prices. People renting often want to do as little as possible to make the property their own; abstract, unique lighting certainly goes a long way to making that the case.


Property rental is a highly competitive environment. You need to find ways to give people a reason to choose you over another rental opportunity. By having a bit of personality and life in the property, you make it much easier for that to be the case moving forward. Why not add a bit of extra life to your European property via accents like lighting, and see if it helps to boost your rental inquiries?

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