How agents should choose their next real estate company

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Are you wanting to find a new real estate company to work for? Are you feeling unfulfilled where you are currently? Well, you’re not alone. These days, it’s commonplace for people to just stay in a job for a few years and then move on to the next when they feel the time has come. And there’s nothing wrong with that if the place you’re currently working at isn’t serving you! So, it’s back to the drawing board. But where do you begin? Here we will go over some top tips to find a new real estate company to work for.


Recommended Businesses

When you’re searching for a new business to work for, you’re going to want to find one that’s recommended by people who’ve had first-hand experience with the company. So, you should read online reviews to get a better idea of what a company is like. See if you can find something specific to what you’re looking for, whether it’s a company that is good for new agents or one that has a sociable company culture.


Also, if you know old colleagues in the industry who have moved on in their careers, then speak to them about what they’re currently doing and where. If they’re still in real estate, they may have some advice for you about what businesses to apply for and which to avoid. This information could be invaluable to you on your search.


Write a List of What You’re Looking For

With this, it’s also a good idea to write a list of exactly what you want. Think about pay, hours you work, location, how big you’d want your team to be, and anything else that is important to you. This list is a great starting point for you to narrow different companies down. You can also write notes on different businesses that match up and ones that don’t so that you have a point of reference when it comes to actually applying.


It’s also a good idea to write a list of your own personal skills and experience so that you can then compare this with job specifications you find. This will also be useful to you when you’re doing interviews, as you can revise the list so that when you’re answering the questions, these come more naturally to you.


Get in Touch

If you’re curious about a particular company and want to find out more about them, there’s absolutely no harm in ringing them or emailing them to find out more information. Plus, they may have jobs available that they haven’t advertised publicly, so it’s always worth a shot at reaching out, just in case. You could consider finding managers of the business in question on LinkedIn and dropping them a message on there, as this is more personal and shows that you are intuitive.


There are endless opportunities out there for real estate agents, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a new role. Best of luck!

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