6 Celebrity Hotspots on the Costa del Sol

By : Nick Marr

The Costa del Sol is known for having the perfect combination of sun, sand, sea and ‘slebs’. The vast array of swanky nightclubs, spotless beaches and luxurious accommodation makes it easy to see why the area is such an appealing playground for the rich and famous, but where can you go to spot a footballer, reality stay or famous actor for yourself?

Here is a quick run-down of the most desirable places on the Costa del Sol, where you’re sure to have some celebrity-spotting success.


Marbella is the best-known spot for attracting the rich and famous. All along the coastline you’ll find super yachts, Lamborghinis and bronzed, beautiful people, looking for luxury in the area’s many exclusive restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Expect Michelin-starred dining, world-class casinos and exceptional golf resorts.

Celebrities from all walk of life flock to Marbella, from A-list actors like Antonio Banders and Robert De Niro, to sports stars like Novak Djokovic and even royalty, like the Duchess of York. For a taste of this high life, book yourself in to one of the area’s exceptional residences and enjoy a private pool, sipping champagne while you overlook the sea or the Sierra Blanca.

The Golden Mile

The stretch of beach between Marbella and Porto Banus is referred to as the “Golden Mile”. It’s named after the glamour that began here in the 1950s, with the opening of the Marbella Club Hotel, and it’s still where you’ll find the most expensive clubs, hotels and venues in the area today.

If you’re wondering who you might spot here, keep in mind that Simon Cowell only recently sold his mansion just off of the Golden Mile (it’s actually been featured in the X Factor). In the past, big names like Sting and Sean Connery have been spotted along the Golden Mile, so who knows could have snapped it up?

Spoil yourself with a table at one of the seafront bars or cafes before enjoying an afternoon lounging on the peaceful stretches of sand.

Porto Banus

Porto Banus is Marbella’s marina, where you can find no shortage of evidence of the super wealthy. Huge luxury yachts fill the water with helicopters, smaller boats and supercars visible on the decks – the water really is a fantastic way to enjoy the area. The beaches here are immaculate, with clean, powder-fine sand and warm, calm water, perfect for a dip without messing up your hair.

The real appeal of Porto Banus is its collection of high-end department stores and designer boutiques. Pop into Louis Vuitton, Armani or D&G and you might spot Eva Longoria, who often takes a vacation here with her husband, or even the King of Saudia Arabia, who moors at the marina from time to time.


Head less than 20 minutes east of Marbella and you’ll come across Elviria, which, although slightly less well-known than Marbella and Porto Banus, is no less luxurious. The village is home to an exceptional golf course, beautiful beaches and very exclusive properties, making it a popular location for second-homes and visitors that don’t want the spotlight of Marbella – Julio Iglesias, for example.

The Don Carlos Leisure Resort and Spa is the most notable hotel in Elviria, overlooking the seafront and the Nikki Beach club – one of the hottest spots in town. Head down here in the high season to find all-night DJ events, champagne spray parties and a crowd packed with young celebrities and influencers.


Travel half an hour inland and you’ll find the sleepy village of Benahavis. It’s known for being a peaceful retreat from the glitz and glamour of Marbella, where residents can take life at a much more laid-back pace. For this reason, it tends to attract celebrities who are keen to shake off the paparazzi and enjoy a more low-key, private break.

Hidden amongst the mountains are incredible mansions that are rumoured to belong to Rod Stewart, Vladimir Putin and Hugh Grant. David Beckham and Beyoncé have also had to deny owning property here – but how can we know for sure? The allure of Benahavis is its privacy, after all. Best to book a table at one of the beautiful restaurants and keep an eye out, just in case.

The best part about the Costa del Sol is that even if you don’t get to see a celebrity in person, the incredible resorts and scenery will make you feel like a superstar in your own right. So, put on your sunscreen, swimwear and stilettos and hit that beach.