6 Tips to leave your apartment spotless

By : europeanproperty

The excitement of moving into a new home can quickly disappear when you realise that you are required to clean out your former place. End of tenancy cleaning may not be thrilling, but it is something you want to do and take seriously since not only your check-out deposit is on the line, but your credit score. What is more, not cleaning your rental accommodation puts your reputation at risk.

End of tenancy cleaning does not have to be so back-breaking if you plan ahead with a smart, thorough cleaning checklist.

  1. Follow a Move-out Cleaning Inspection Sheet

Usually, tenants provide renters with an in-and-out inspection sheet of what exactly has to be cleaned in order to collect your check-out deposit. Every lease is different when it comes to requirements. Some landlords want the carpets to be professionally cleaned, while others simply require tenants only to vacuum.

Optimistically, before you moved into the rental accommodation, you noted any dents and dings and made sure your landlord knew it was not your responsibility to clean or take care of those issues.

Take your time to read the sheet carefully and use it as a starting point. In case you do not have such list from your landlord, you can start one yourself so make sure you do not miss anything.

  1. Who Will do the End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Before you move out of your rental accommodation, you know that you have to leave it as clean as it was on the day when you first moved in. So when your tenancy is coming to an end, you need to decide whether you will do the cleaning yourself or you will hire a professional like fastendoftenancycleaning.co.uk. Nowadays, more and more people opt for the latter option because they do not have time or equipment to do the cleaning themselves. However, if you want to do the end of tenancy cleaning on you own, please make sure you plan it at least a week ahead since this task is a lot more time-consuming and harder than the daily cleaning routine.

  1. Repair Any Damages or Breaks

Before you start your end of tenancy cleaning process, take your time to repair anything you damaged such as small holes in the wall or chipped paint. You will see for yourself that it is a lot easier to clean if these little details are taken care of in advance.

If you do not have confidence in your skills or you do not have the equipment to do the task, do not hesitate to to help yourself using a professional cleaning company.

  1. Clean All Those Things You Usually Don’t Clean

In addition to all those things you include in your cleaning routine, you will want to clean areas and items you usually do not pay attention to, such as blinds, windows, fans, fan blades, baseboards, light fixtures, lampshades, carpets and more.

If you do not have the right cleaning gear to perform these tasks, you can simply pick up some microfiber cleaning cloths for the baseboards and some disposable cleaning dusters for the blinds.

  1. Start from the Top

As you look closely what has to be cleaned, starting from the highest points means that debris and dust will settle below. Since you are required to clean the whole unit, you will get there in no time and you will not have to double clean otherwise.

  1. Request an Exit Walk-Through

As a final step, if you have completed your end of tenancy cleaning and you are ready to hand over the keys to your landlord, request a final walk-through. This will help your landlord address any issues or sign off that you have left the unit in a good condition, so you can obtain your deposit.

If this is not possible, you can take photos of every room and area as you are leaving it, and send them to your landlord. Doing so proves that you have been conscientious with your move-out cleaning.

For a great majority of people, doing the end of tenancy cleaning is not an easy task, but it is important that you leave your old accommodation spotless. It does take time, efforts and money, but having a thorough checklist helps to make the process easier.

If you are not into cleaning, remember that you can always turn to a professional cleaning company.