Becoming a Business Shark: 8 Best Real Estate Schools All Over the World

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The multi-billion-dollar real estate industry comes with a wide array of jobs. Investors are always looking for professionals to aid their investment decisions.


When students request for my essay on for college applications, the focus is always on finding a place in the most lucrative and promising programs. And real estate is always an attractive option.


In the US alone, the market supports over nine million jobs across different sectors. The field is continuously welcoming trained and talented professionals.


However, in this highly competitive market, a degree is necessary to set you apart. The best schools offer business skills plus economic strategies to boost your career. Here are the picks of the top real estate schools to graduate from.



University of Pennsylvania, US


UPenn’s Wharton School is one of the country’s top departments in real estate. The school ranks number one in US News’s best real estate programs. The MBA with an industry-focused major highlights training in property law and policies.


Through an ambitious curriculum addressing all relevant areas, the real estate department reaches for excellence. The course entails investment, international housing comparisons, analysis, and financing. The access to the Samuel Zell and Robert Lurie Real Estate Center is also an invaluable bonus.


Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany


Bauhaus University is world-renowned for its architecture and planning departments. The college offers both BA and MA in construction, real estate, and infrastructure. The university prepares students to handle management related to property development and construction.


This allows students to pursue diverse careers in project management and consultation. Additionally, candidates also get job training with an insight into developing comprehensive solutions. The curriculum also includes an option to choose a specialization.


University of Wisconsin-Madison, US


The Wisconsin School of Business has an entire department dedicated to urban economics. The programs range from undergraduate, master’s, and a Ph.D. in the relevant study areas. The students receive training in analytical skills that are transferable to other areas. The course structure also covers aspects of law, finance, valuation, and sustainable development.


The study abroad part of the program is a highlight, offering a rare opportunity for students. The Real-Estate Club on campus is another valuable addition to the learning experience.


University of Westminster, London


The aim of Westminster University’s real estate program is to equip students with a detailed understanding of property management. The college provides both part-time and full-time courses from the undergraduate and further.


The course encompasses the legal, financial, and social aspects involved in property management. It prepares the candidates to appraise and evaluate based on the market. There are also electives covering lending, risk mitigation, and facets of rental management.


University of Technology Sydney, Australia


UTS offers a number of programs in Property Economics with a focus on excelling in any relevant industry. The department also imparts insight into architecture and construction apart from real estate. The course will teach skills in market analysis, property evaluation, and development.


This program excels with training that applies to both local and international markets. The business and economic disciplines are indeed transferable to other sectors of management.


University of California-Berkeley, US


UC Berkeley’s Real Estate Development and Design program incorporates management and design. Students are trained to become professionals able to build sustainable urban designs.


The Master’s program is unique in linking real estate to sustainable urban design. The course structure is not limited to design thinking alone. It includes property market studies, project feasibility, and urban development alongside design.


New York University


There might not be a better place to learn about the real estate market game than New York City. The course is offered through NYU’s branch of the Schack Institute of Real Estate. Apart from theory, the program also extends practical learning from a global perspective.


The core curriculum delivers a broad foundation that helps one throughout the career. There is also a focus on green building and sustainable development. The program further requires students to complete an internship to complete the degree.


University of Southern California, US


The Dollinger Real Estate Development program is considered one of the country’s best options. USC provides this course through the Sol Price School of Public Policy. Students here learn in a robust academic framework coupled with active, practical engagement.


The school is dedicated to helping students become professional and effective practitioners. There are several electives to choose from, with an extensive understanding of management.


The program focuses on residential, retail, industrial, hospitality, and other product types. There is also an over-sea visit based on the rising real estate destinations of the world.


Wrapping Up

These real estate courses are no longer about creating successful realtors. Graduates can continue to work in urban development and financial planning in any industry. The right program might be the quickest way to jumpstart your career in your preferred niche.