Bespoke Furniture to Suit Every Home and Owner

By : Nick Marr

As reported via the Mirror Newspaper website, houses are shrinking. In fact, the average UK household is now half the size it was ninety years ago. Couple the decline in the size of our (increasingly) humble abodes with the swelling amount of ‘stuff’ we fill them with, and it is no wonder that bespoke furniture is big business right now.

Bespoke Furniture is a wonderful way to make the most of your space whilst simultaneously injecting personality into your home. Whether it is luxury, function or character you hope to achieve, bespoke furniture enables home owners to furnish their homes according to their own tastes, lifestyles and loves, whilst getting the most from the space available.

Combining Function and Style

Too often furniture design focuses on art over function. Fortunately, a number of modern designers who haven’t forgotten that the key to inspired design is functionality have emerged in recent years. Of them, Barbara Genda is a perfect example.

London based designer Barbara Genda’s approach to furniture design is refreshing because what she produces is the product of her clients’ desires and their homes’ demands and not her own ego. This is (unfortunately) a rare approach for a designer to take. Whilst many designers set out with good intentions, initial success can all too often inflate a designer’s ego, and with that cause them to lose sight of their original intentions and exactly what gleaned them their success in the first place.

If you visit Barbara Genda’s website, you will see that she has managed, admirably, to avoid this fate. Hence, it isn’t just the level of functionality, unpretentious style and genuine luxury that lure many to entrust her with their ideas and homes; Genda’s clients know that when they approach Genda, they will be listened to.

After an initial telephone or email contact, Genda and her team prepare a draft ‘proposal for you based on your brief, our experience and your choice of finishes.’ Note the fact that the whole focus of this process is centred on ensuring you, the client, get what you want. Then, take into consideration the fact that Genda and her team don’t just specialise in kitchen or bathroom design, for example, but can turn their hands (and heads) to furniture for all rooms, and it isn’t hard to see why Genda’s services are in high demand.

Lastly, for anyone looking for nursery, playroom or children’s bedroom ideas, Genda’s designs are particularly clever, playful and most importantly, functional.

Making a Statement

If you are in search of something that makes a statement of an altogether quirky kind, you may have been searching for a while. You may have even forsaken searching for ‘the right designer’ and found yourself beginning your own projects in an attempt to put your own stamp on your property.

The problem is the likes of Pinterest, whilst wonderful and inspiring online resources, require many of us to employ skills, time, effort, money and space for ongoing projects that we just do not have. In fact, many of us find ourselves searching for bespoke furniture options because we want to save ourselves time, effort and space, and that is where folk like Carved Wood come in.

‘Quirkiness’ and ‘fun’ don’t usually go hand-in-hand with our notions of ‘bespoke furniture’. We’ve all seen one too many glossy magazines gushing over elegant and opulent or modern, geometric interiors, perhaps. Then, the exciting thing about bespoke furniture and what Carved Wood achieve is that we do not have to settle for somebody else’s (or even an entire industry’s) ideas of what makes a home – you own it, live in it and love it, so make it your own!

An Eco-Friendly Option

More and more of us these days are questioning where the things we buy, have made or the services we rely on are coming from. For an ever increasing number of us the environment and world around us informs and inspires our lifestyles and outlooks. Hence, it can be disappointing to return to a home that doesn’t.

A home should not be at odds with our belief systems and own ethos, but celebrate our values and what matters to us. Fortunately, bespoke furniture is the ideal option for the eco-friendly individual or family. Fortunately, Eco Friendly Furniture employs a team of highly skilled Yorkshire craftsmen who are dedicated to creating bespoke furniture using only reclaimed timber.

Not only do Eco Friendly Furniture assert that no trees are purposefully felled in order for them to create their furniture, they even guarantee that what they produce has had no negative impact upon the rainforest. So, for a guilt-free and loving way to furnish your home, Eco Friendly Furniture may well prove the perfect solution.

For further bespoke furniture inspiration and ideas, the Bespoke Magazine website regularly features articles, news and insight on the latest bespoke interior design trends.