[Exclusive] Luxury Properties In the South of France

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If you want to have some adventurous, romantic, and exciting time, then the south of France is the best place to visit for a fantastic getaway for some time. The south of France has some beautiful lavender and wine fields; they have Provence, the Riviera, Nice, Monaco, etc. On the Provence driving tour, you could enjoy yourself and be at peace and the loveliest time of your life.

You could visit many places in the south of France like the French Riviera, a quaint historic retreat in the Dordogne, or an Adventure playground in the Camargue wilderness. The south of France has something for everyone to enjoy. Even the villas in Nice are fantastic.

Best Time and Things to Do in The South of France

The best time to visit France is during the Springtime around April to June, or during the fall, September to November when there are fewer tourists and the trip overall has lower prices. But during the winter months, you would find the place in grey, wet and cold conditions. Here is how you can decide when to visit the south of France:

  • Sightseeing

Suppose you hoped to avoid the biggest crowds and have a perfect time enjoying the mild weather of the place. Then the best time for sightseeing in France is usually during the shoulder season. Therefore, during May and September, you should find most of the places free.

  • Wine tasting

The best time to enjoy wine tasting amid mild weather and fewer crowds happens in May and June. During September and October, you would find these same places to be busier, the weather is usually good, and you would be there during the harvest time, making the wine tasting a little cheaper.

  • Shopping Fantasies

In many of the European countries and even including France, they host big winter and summer sales. In the south of France, the finest time for the shoppers to score some good bargains is from mid – January to mid – February, again from June through the early to mid-August. Typically, you would find the summer sales to be the busiest season for shopping, and if you hope to avoid crowds and even enjoy discounts, you should hit the winter sales.

  • Peak season

During the summers, the period around the holidays tends to get high in the place generally. But during this time, the area has the ideal weather that you can enjoy, but you would also find the thickest crowds and high prices at almost all the places you visit in the south of France. Therefore, if you do not like crowds, you should avoid these seasons.

Top Tips of the Gateway to the French Riviera

The French Riviera provides a beguiling mix of the glorious and the intimate along with a variety of architecture. To help you form a perfect plan for your trip, you might like to use some tips when visiting the place.

  • Go for Family travel

If you plan holidays with children under 16 years, you should consider buying a pass at Isabelle Famille at the Local railway station. That way, it would cost you around 35 euros, and the pass would also allow two adults and two children to travel unlimitedly throughout the day.

  • Eat out

It usually is much cheaper to go out for a meal at lunchtime as most restaurants offer good value plats du jour or two-course menus. Also, to save money, you should order carafe d’eau (tap water) instead of pricey, bottled water.

  • Go skiing

If you go to the French Riviera during the winter months, you should take advantage of the weather and go skiing around the place. You can get a direct bus from your hotel in the south of France to the area for skiing, and it would only cost you 5 euros one way.

  • Try to find a free tour around the place

Around the place, you would find many greeters as a group of volunteers who would offer free guided tours to the visitors around particular themes, for example, architecture, food, or antiques. Therefore, be sure that you book these in a couple of week’s advance.

Ending note

Other than everything above, the south of France also has impressive and dreamy beaches. For those who enjoy swimming, the sea temperature is only warm from June through September. But it is also when the crowd is high, so the middle spot would be around the time of mid-September, where you could see sunshine and have warm water without any big crowds.

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