How to Build a Home Cinema Fit for Everyone

By : europeanproperty


So, you’ve finally bought the house of your dreams, but there’s that one spare room that, so far, has only been used to store boxes full of stuff that probably needs to go to the tip. What are you going to do with it? Will it become a games room, or perhaps you could install a sauna?

Either way, one thing is for sure: you and your better half may broach the issue by christening your new pad with a blazing argument.

However, there is help at hand, because the idea of a home cinema is perfect for everyone, with the sports-mad members of your family catered for as well as those who just wish to binge on Netflix and movies. Here is what you need to do to make it happen.


Like any piece of entertainment kit these days there are a huge amount of options available when it comes to selecting the screen you want, but seeing as it will be the room’s centrepiece it pays to make the correct choice. This is especially vital for sports like American football, where an ultra-wide angle of the whole field makes the viewing experience all the more pleasurable.

The best screens also happen to be the most expensive, coming in the form of drop down projector screens, which handily roll back up into their mounted casing once the field goals have stopped raining down and you and your buddies are done selecting NFL bets.

The issue of seating is vital to everyone getting the most from their home cinema system. If you go with fancy cinema style rows of seating, you will be sure of everyone getting that original cinema feel, with their own cup holder and supportive backrest.

However, this also may not be the most social of setups, meaning that in our opinion a giant u-shaped sofa is a better way to go. Just don’t opt for a white model, as spillages are bound to happen during the heat of a crunch game or exciting movie.

Food and Drink Storage

There is nothing worse than getting the belly grumbles or a rampant thirst on during a game or tense scene, meaning you’ll want to have refreshment options nearby rather than traipsing all the way back to the kitchen.

Invest in a bar area or keep it minimal with a glass fronted fridge, so you always know when it needs restocking.