How to Build the Ultimate Movie Theme Man Caves!

By : Nick Marr

A lot of men and women enjoy each other’s company. And loving couples try to spend as much time with each other as possible. Interestingly, however, men and women also need their personal space sometimes, highlighting the complex nature of human relationship affairs.

Women may need time to just go do their thing which may include shopping, spending time with their friends and family or just time to catch some air.

Men also need time to retreat from family and relax. You may want to grab a near with you mates or go see football or play golf. You may also just want to retreat, recharge, and recreate yourself by doing what you love to do most.

For those who live and breathe movies, seeing a movie is always a great option – and what better place to do this than by building a movie themed man cave and retreating into that space?

A movie themed man cave is the ultimate adventure for the man of the house who wants his space. It’s an in-house get-away that is about relaxing, entertainment and gaming.

It allows you to relax and even makes you hungry to spend some quality time with your wife and children. A lot of happy couples will tell you their secret is allowing each other some personal space to enjoy their favorite activity.

How do You Go About Creating the Ultimate Movie Themed Man Cave?

The first step is to choose the place you want to locate your man cave style room or suite. Most men prefer to use the basement or garage conversion. However, more recent trends, like man cave shed.

The location of your sanctuary will depend on what you have available and your budget. Once you have decided on a location, your next step is to come up with creative ways of fitting your movie theme into the existing decor.

Man Cave Decor and Signs

You may want to start with a “witty “warning” sign at the door that warns people to enter your man cave at their own risk or something like that. Is there anything more manly than hanging up that little gem of a sign you found at a garage sale or Craigslist?

You could also custom design your own and add a wood sign somewhere inside your man cave.

Oh, plus you can also create your man cave rules or man cave “10 commandments” or something like that.

If you are going to have a bar or beverage room in your man cave, a neon bar sign from you favorite beverage is a great idea.

The TV

Most movie themed room either has a full home theater room or a traditional TV viewing section. Those with a bigger budget and square feet often go for both.

JnB Aerials aerial installation experts in Manchester say ”For the main TV, you don’t want anything smaller than 55 inches. You can have additional TV of 32 inches at various other locations too.

A flat screen TV or a projector is great, depending on your preference. You also want it mounted on the wall. The TV should be located where you and your guests can have optimal viewing experience.

You need a great stereo/sound system – preferably plugged to the TV system to provide an awesome multimedia experience. Employ wireless technology to connect speakers around the room.


In terms of seating, you can go for a sectional sofa or plush recliners. It’s always good to have both if you have the budget.

You could use plush recliners designed for theater seating to do a row of theater seating.

Stadium seating is another option that looks cool and is great, but it’s not very cool for conversing with other people.

Oh, plus you will certainly want ottomans to put your feet up… it’s your cave, remember?

A carpet or rug is a must-have for the floor. Even if you prefer hardwood floor consider a large rug to help improve sound quality.

Your bar or beverage area should give also give you an optimal view of the TV where possible. A bar stool may or may not be needed. A refrigerator, a mini bar TV, and lots of glasses are also important.

You can line up the wall with pictures of your favorite movie stars or other big movie themed wall posters.

Creating a movie themed man cave is really not as hard as you think. If you want to go over the top, you may employ interior designers as the average person won’t be able to come up with the movie theme designs that they will come up with, especially if you have a large budget.

However, employing your creativity will allow you create the ultimate movie themed man cave. After all, it’s your cave; you can make your sanctuary exactly as it pleases you.