Increase Your Property’s Value with Discerning Garden Design

By : Nick Marr

Whether you plan on spending many years in your home or you have bought a property for investment purpose, it is important to make your garden’s design a priority, since poorly planned landscaping can affect both your enjoyment of your home, and its resale price. Statistics in countries like the UK or Spain show that a well designed garden can increase your European property’s value by between 15 and 20%. Therefore, landscaping with a view to the future, is vital to ensure that if you ever need to, you will obtain optimal value for your home.

Keep it Simple

A well-manicured garden with designer features such as shapes on the grass, ornate fountains and shrub sculptures may be your dream, but many homebuyers are worried about purchasing a property that may thousands of pounds to maintain, bearing in mind the costs of gardening staff, soil, and other equipment. The basics of a good garden include clean edging, quality grass (artificial grass is a big selling point for those who don’t like to get their hands dirty) and secure fencing. Avoid intricate water and rock features which may not suit the taste of those who prefer minimalist design.

Turn Your Garden into a Haven

If you have invested in trees, plants and features such as a pond or fountain, is there a spot from which you can actually relax and enjoy them? There is nothing more inviting than a lovely carefully carved bench  in the most scenic corner of your garden. Just think of the perfect reading spot at your park or local botanical garden – it is probably located beneath the shade of a tree or near a pond or colourful flowering shrubs.

Invest in Quality Construction

You may wish to build decking or a thatched roof area if you have a sizeable garden, or connect different areas with paths or paving. Make sure these elements are well constructed, since many homebuyers will be turned off by the idea of having to renovate.

Forget the Pool, Consider a Hot Tub

Pools are another feature of many dream homes, yet they take time and money to maintain. Those with young children may see it as a risky feature to have in their garden, while those who aren’t into swimming may see it as a waste of space that they could dedicate to an outdoor dining or relaxation area. A pool costs up to £15 (17€) to maintain per day – therefore, unless yours is a luxury villa, consider that it may deter the average buyer from a purchase. A hot tub, on the other hand, will cool you down in the summer and warm you up in winter without requiring as much maintenance as a pool.

While landscaping with a view to the future is challenging (because everyone has their personal idea of a beautiful garden), we can increase our chances of selling our home by investing in quality construction, avoiding overly elaborate designs and adding small touches to our garden that make a big difference in terms of enjoying the great outdoors to the full.