Joyce Interiors Reveal Top 5 Home Decor Trends

By : Nick Marr

Home Interiors website Joyces Interiors reveal their top 5 home design trends for 2019 not surprisingly the trends pick up on health and well being, sustainably and some retro fusion styling

1.Health and wellbeing home designs

The trend for furniture that can improve your health, whether at home or at the office, looks likely to continue in Milan this year.

Google has teamed up with brain scientists to create an installation that looks at how different aesthetic experiences can impact human biology and wellbeing. Called A Space for Being, it will allow visitors to record their physiological responses to different environments.

Architect and designer Antonio Citterio will be unveiling a range of home fitness equipment for Technogym, while designer Ilse Crawford has teamed up with Swedish bed brand Hästens to design products that can improve sleep.

2.Plants still in Fashion

plants living

Plant mums rejoice! Your fave interior trend isn’t going anywhere – and even if you can’t manage to keep a plant alive (guilty) you can still pick up plenty of themed interiors products – from cushions to bedding and even jewellery dishes. Widely quoted expert on the topic, Kara Mathys from, told us that plants can make any interior space a “small personal heaven right inside your house

Wayfair’s Nadia says: “Pair natural rattan accented furniture with sage and emerald green and deep, moody tones such as midnight blue.

“A matte black wall colour can serve as the perfect backdrop to your exotic scene, but fun fruit-shaped lamps will keep the look from getting too serious.

“Metallic animal accents will give literal life to your table top, and don’t be afraid to layer on the animal print rugs, throws, cushions and more.”

3.Sustainable Home Living

Talk around sustainable fashion and grooming has been everywhere recently, and this year a stylish home is also a sustainable home.

“Increased awareness of how our actions impact the environment means that products with ethical credentials are gaining impetus, be it that they utilise recycled plastic waste or are produced locally with lower carbon footprints,” says Kirsty Hunt from Duette blinds.

Before you start swapping out wallpaper for rolls of hemp, it pays to know what to look for. “People are investigating biomaterials, composites, recycled textiles made from bamboo and more sustainable processes such as organic cotton,” adds design director Ruth Wassermann. Resist that set of plastic chairs.

4.Retro Floral Wallpaper

Retro wallpaper

If you love plants but just end up killing all of them, maybe you should take a page from interior designer Brooke Giannetti. “This spring, we’re seeing a lot of floral wallpaper—and not just the small prints or murals that were previously popular,” says the Patina Living author. “Instead, these are large-scale prints that surround us with nature’s beauty. While there are many to choose from, my favorites are by Area Environments.”

5.Old Skool Lighting

A stylish lamp can really make your living room stand out. This year, Joy says she’s seeing a nod to the past, with semiconical lampshades (which have an A-line shape) replacing the more common drum shades (which are cylindrical).

Another throwback trend Joy recommends is a pleated lampshade. Once considered an antique style, pleats are making a comeback and can look stylish when incorporated into a modern living room, since patterns and textures are again put on display.