Looking for a second home – why is Spain a popular choice?

By : Nick Marr

If you are looking to purchase a second home, then like many others, you will probably be considering in investing in Spanish real estate. For decades it has been a popular destination for foreign investors.

What are the attractions of Spain as a place to purchase a second home? What exactly does Spain have to offer when you want to invest?

The financial factor

After many years when the world economy was flat lining, it is now in recovery. However, other currencies, such as the dollar and the British pound, currently have more strength than the euro. This makes countries within the euro zone popular with foreign investors. If you have a sum to invest in a second property it makes sense to invest it in a country where you are going to get the best value for your money.

Add to this the fact that Spain’s housing market is at its most stable for years, and you have one of the reasons why owning a second home in Spain is so popular. The real estate market in Spain is by no means completely stable but it’s at a level where people are again able to have some level of trust.

The weather factor

There is no doubt about it, if you want a second home as a holiday home, weather is going to play a major part in your decision making process. Many British people invest in a second home for their retirement years. This is where Spain comes into its own as a location. The prospect of spending the winter months in a climate where temperatures often still average 54°F, even in December, is very enticing, especially when you consider the alternative of remaining at home under cold dark skies. No matter what happens in the financial world, Spain will always have the lure of good weather.

The convenience factor

For British people investing in a second home, Spain scores highly for being so easy to reach. You can fly from any location in Britain to any location in Spain in 2 to 4 hours. This is not only ideal for travelling to the property for a stay, but is also very useful if any problems occur that you need to be on hand to deal with.

Put all of these factors together and you can see why Spain makes such an excellent choice as a venue for a second home.