Make The Most Of Space In Your Small Bathroom

By : europeanproperty


Make The Most Of Space In Your Small Bathroom

The smallest room in the house may not be spacious, but there’s plenty that you can do to not only make it look bigger, but to also create some ingenious storage for your toiletries. Through using tiling and mirrors, you can make your bathroom look bigger. You can also utilize the spaces that you may not have considered to keep the everyday items that you need in your bathroom. 

Using tiling to create space 

In a small bathroom, you should use tiling to create the illusion of space. Rather than tile the walls with small, square tiles, use 300mm x 600mm tiles on the wall – it will feel a lot less cramped. Use a bright color, but in a matt finish for an airy feel. This will not only look sophisticated, but also pair beautifully against any dark or metallic fittings that you have. Less is definitely more when it comes to tiling – the minimalist feel is key when it comes to floor tiles too. Avoid anything that is highly patterned, and instead go for classic, natural materials. 

Maximize storage space

Storage can sometimes be an issue in small bathrooms, but with a little ingenuity, you can easily find a place to store everything you need. Firstly, fit an under-sink cupboard – these fit neatly around the base of the pedestal and can be used to keep toiletries that are used regularly. The space underneath the bath (at either end where the bath slopes) is perfect for keeping items that you will need access to less frequently, such as toilet paper supplies and cleaning products. You can easily install a special bath panel with a door fitted either end to get to these. 

Bath and shower hangers

Having bottles of shampoo and shower gels cluttering up the sides of the bath, or the corners of a shower tray will make your bathroom look smaller. To clear up the space, fit a hanger to the wall to store these items in. These are available in most DIY stores and can attach directly to tiles without the need for drilling or screws. In your shower, place the hanger high up, so that it is directly out of your eye-line. 

Small bathrooms don’t have to feel cramped. With some ingenious tiling and maximizing storage space, you can make your bathroom feel a lot bigger and more functional.