Making Your Home Look More Expensive Using Rugs

By : Nick Marr

If you’re looking for a beautiful finishing piece to a room that will make your property look more expensive, than a rug is your perfect answer. Rugs help to build strong, professional layers and textures in your home by giving you a stunning aesthetic. Whether you’re wanting a rug for design purposes or if you just simply want to add a bit more comfort to your floors, this years rug trends can offer you both style and texture.


If you like to keep on top of your interiors trends then you will have undoubtedly noticed that patterns are incredibly on trend this year. We are slowly seeing a shift away from the monochromatic home and in its place are brighter, bolder colours that can give your property a new lease of life. Patterned rugs are a great way of adding some dimension to your floor and helping to create a sense of fluidity. This is therefore a great way of making your floor space look larger to potential buyers. Patterned rugs don’t have to be garish, you can get patterned rugs with subtler designs to just give a hint of the aesthetic without being the centre of attention. When wanting to use a pattern rug, it’s important to plan your room ahead. If you already have a pattern wallpapers for example, a pattern rug may be a bit intense and can make the room look and feel a bit chaotic and consequently smaller. A patterned rug is best matched with simpler accessories and furnitures to allow you to work with accent colours flawlessly.

Soft Colour Palette

While brighter colours may be in at the moment, those softer palettes are still just as popular. Their more neutral tones give a wider appeal, something to consider if you’re looking to sell a property on. With Scandinavian aesthetics taking off, these natural colours are set to stay and can offer you a comfortable look with a modern edge. Key colours this year include light blues and beiges. These colours paired with warm greys look beautiful, so try to combine these colours when you shop for a rug to give that gorgeous effect in your home that will strike envy in all who visit.


Incorporating that soft colour palette and a key trend for this year is the Hygge look. Originating from Denmark, the Hygge look focuses on simplicity and cosiness in the home with the use of rugs, textures and delicate colours. Perfect rugs for this look include shaggy rugs that have great amounts of texture and comfort. Similarly, sheepskin rugs are also excellent. These are often quite small and can therefore be draped across sofas or even used as blankets thank to their softer underside. In terms of accessories, think scented candles, blankets and wicker baskets for that stripped back look. Combine all of these things and your property will have that stunning aesthetic that will jump out at potential buyers.

When aiming to make your home look more appealing to buyers a rug in a great choice. Rugs, as previously mentioned, give you a professional looking home. The use of a rug can also make a property feel more homely, which makes it easier for buyers to imagine themselves there which increases their interest in the property. By following this years trends you will be sure to create an appealing and beautiful design scheme that will jump your property ahead of the competition.