Reasons You Should Install Retractable Awnings

By : europeanproperty

Retractable awnings are becoming more and more popular around the world – and recently, retractable awnings have become cheaper and more varied than ever – making it a great time to buy and install one of these.

But, this doesn’t mean the decision is easy. Just because you see a lot of your neighbours installing retractable awnings and notice how it is being recommended by home design magazines, it doesn’t mean you should get it. If you’re interested in retractable awnings, you should understand the reasons why they are becoming more common and what you might get out of it if you install it in your home. This article will go into that!

#1 Excellent Shading

The main reason retractable awnings get installed is the excellent shading they provide. Do you hate how your garden becomes unusable during the summer months? How you can’t relax and feel the breeze on your balcony when it gets too sunny? As the climate changes, the number of these days is going to increase.

Installing retractable awnings is one easy and inexpensive way of creating shade and handling the excessive sunlight. By installing retractable awnings either over your balcony, your patio, or in your garden, you’ll be able to create a cool, shaded area where you can enjoy the breeze without getting inconvenienced by the excessive sunlight.

#2 Complete Control 

Retractable awnings give you complete control over the amount of natural lighting you let in. It isn’t a permanent fixture of the exterior of your home like fixed awnings, where you’ll get permanent shading whether you want it or not (unless you remove the awning altogether).

This amount of control makes a retractable awning a much more attractive choice compared to the alternative.

#3 Aesthetics

Most people don’t want permanent fixtures hanging from the exterior of their houses because it doesn’t look aesthetically appealing. Sadly, if you install a fixed awning or canopy, you’ll be stuck with the aesthetics until you decide to permanently remove it. This is unacceptable to many homeowners.

That’s why many of them opt for retractable awnings instead. When you finish using the awning to create shading or protect from rain, you can simply retract it, which leaves a minimal footprint on the design of the home. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy an awning without sacrificing how good the exterior of your home looks for it.

#4 Easily Operable

Retractable awnings, especially electric ones, are quite easily operable. This makes it a more attractive choice for the elderly or households with kids. With a simple touch of a button, you can operate a retractable electric awning safely without any physical exertion – setting up a garden umbrella is more physically exhausting and you might hurt yourself in the process.