The Latest in Swimming Pool Tech

By : Nick Marr

Every year, swimming pool manufacturers come up with new and improved pool innovations. Technology is used to improve pool design, treatment of water and pool management. Some pools are chemical free, doing away with chlorine and salt, while others use UV light or ozone to make the water easier on the skin. If you’re planning to have a pool built, here are some of the latest trends.

1.     Vinyl ester resins

Vinyl ester resin is a top-performing, non-corrosive pool surface that is incredibly strong. It’s used for each layer of a pool’s construction and prevents water penetrating the swimming pool laminate. Many pool builders will give you a lifetime guarantee when vinyl ester resin is used.

2.     Ceramic pools

Ceramic pools enjoy a huge advantage over traditional pools. For a start, you can choose from a range of over 30 different shapes and sizes and they can be built anywhere on your property as long as there’s enough room for the basin to be craned into place.

Because the pool’s heating insulator is less than 2 mm from the water, the water is easier and quicker to heat. Ceramic pools also provide an impermeable barrier against bacteria, so you only need a minimum amount of pool chemicals. If you’re thinking of having one built, speak to a few professional ceramic swimming pool builders for advice.

3.     Infinity pools

These luxurious pools are usually constructed outdoors on hillside properties, or next to a body of water. The edge of the pool appears to disappear into the horizon but this is just an illusion. An infinity pool ends at a weir that is just a quarter of an inch lower than the level of the water. 

These pools are the most expensive to construct and require extensive structural work. The high costs are mainly due to the foundation system that anchors the pool into the hillside. As long as you have enough of a slope, an infinity pool can be installed in your garden.

4.     Natural freshwater pools

There’s nothing like swimming in a pool with fresh water and no chemicals. Natural pools are increasing in popularity and incorporate lagoons, water plants and more – the aquatic plants act as the filtration system. Freshwater pools are normally made up of two separate but connecting areas; one for swimming in, the other a regeneration area where the aquatic plants are found. Although freshwater pools have a filter unit, this is used only to trap large debris and circulate the water to and from the regeneration area.

5.     Smart technology

Today’s swimming pools have smart technology – temperature tracking and automated chemical tracking solutions can be integrated with your iPhone. Pool manufacturers also offer automated solutions for running the pump and heating your pool.

6.     Cantilevered coping

Cantilevered coping is a decorative feature that enhances the appearance of your pool. It’s the cap or edging found around the top rim of a swimming pool. It provides a visual finish and defines the edge of your pool. Coping, which can be very ornate, tilts slightly away from the pool edge so that splashed water runs away. As an alternative, some pools have wood decking or concrete that meets the edge or runs slightly over the edge of the pool. Coping materials include brick, synthetic decking or flagstone.

7.Pool insulation

Most swimming pools in the UK are constructed with sophisticated thermal insulation, which allows a comfortable temperature to be attained quickly and with a minimal energy heat source. Heat loss is kept to the bare minimum thanks to the CFC-free insulation layer and a roll-out solar cover. A powerful heat pump that takes in outside air, creates the energy required to heat the pool. With the help of photovoltaic electricity panels, the required heat is achieved as soon as the energy needed for the heat pump to achieve a comfortable water temperature for swimming is generated.

8.A kaleidoscope of pool colours

Paint colours and the manufacturing process have come long way in the high-tech world of swimming pools. There are a fantastic range of high-gloss, high-quality finishes. Some of the colours create stunning effects once the pool is filled with water. Advanced gel-coat systems utilise state-of-the-art colour ‘chips’ and base colour blends, and these give off a distinctive brilliance and translucent holographic effect in the water. Some of the colours have tiny glittering particles that sit just below the top coat of paint and the effect created in the sunlight is dazzling.