Tips to Make Your Home Look Expensive

By : europeanproperty

Tips to Make Your Home Look Expensive

Impress your family, friends, and guests with the classy interior look of your home. Who doesn’t want to make their home look more expensive without breaking the bank? You can easily do this in a budget-friendly range by following these few simple tips on how to give your home a luxurious and divine look.


Less is more

When it comes to creating an expensive look in a space, less is more. A home that is not cluttered or over-accessorized offers a spacious, rich, and elegant appearance. Don’t overcrowd your space by adding in large over-sized furniture; try to create an understated design style with minimal clutter. A space with too many accessories and furniture makes your home look smaller, so it’s better to be a minimalist when it comes to adding furniture to home.  The golden rule is to clear the room with unnecessary items and clean them up.



Lighting definitely has a huge impact on how luxurious your place looks. To give your house a royal ambiance, add lights at different areas to add depth and illuminate the space. This is a cost-effective trick that will turn your home into an expensive-looking place. Invest in beautiful stylish lamps, chandelier, sconces, pendant lights, candles, and bulbs to create a natural light effect. Transform the entire space by giving an update to the exciting lamps by adding just larger drum shades as they tend to add more drama to any space. Use the layered-lighting system to make a big dramatic statement and turn dull living area or room into a vibrant spot.


High ceilings

Achieve a luxurious look by adding height to your room. Many expensive homes and hotels tend to have high ceilings as they make an area appear larger and more deluxe. Make sure to mount the draperies at the ceiling level rather than at the top of the windows. This will draw the eye upward and gives the illusion of high ceilings.

Another easy way is to add crown molding where your home walls meet the ceilings not only bring an air of elegance; it also adds luxury and style to your home. The new inexpensive crown moldings made of polystyrene look just like wood and are easy on the pocket.


Soft color palette

Be eclectic and decorate the space with natural soft palette adding pops of color and texture with accessories that give an expensive impression. Just like luxury hotel facades and home siding, you need to stick to the soft neutral color palette. The luxury color scheme that is very popular today is grey, white, and beige however elegant neutral colors in taupe, blues, and ivory add visual interest as they blend well with tones and texture.


Add rugs and carpets

Nothing makes your home look more expansive and lush without a beautiful rug. Using larger area rugs not only add texture, color, and warmth, it makes space appear larger.  It’s better to spend money on a large-sized rug that expands your room’s look than smaller rugs under tables.


Add throw pillows

An easy and inexpensive way to add a more elegant and expensive look to your home is by adding layers of throw pillows in a variety of textures and sizes on neutral-color sofas. They make a perfect yet elegant accessory for your chairs, couch, and seats without spending a lot of money. Add 1 to 2 pairs of throw pillows in different patterns, texture, and colors and opt for larger-sized pillows instead of 12 x 18.


Hang art on walls

Every place requires a focal point and it is often the wall with art that catches attention. Using large-size canvas or scenery on the main wall or create a triptych wall art 3 separate frames is another way to make your space look expensive. Consider spending more on large important decorative elements than wasting money on the accent pieces. Another inexpensive way is to add large mirrors that create the illusion of a larger lush space.


Fresh flowers and live plants

Add fresh flowers and live plants to your space. Not only they add a splash of colors, but they also make your home fresh with the welcoming fragrance. Invest in large potted live plants than silk plants as they gather dust quickly.