Top Places in the World for Immigrants to Live

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There’s no place like home for sure but, at the same time, it’s always fun to travel and see the world. Fortunately, this is quite possible in the modern world, especially if you’re a fan of adventure and change in your life. Traveling to just see different countries adventurous on its own but doing that to stay in each country for some time is even greater fun. And while it’s all nice and fun, there are sure lots of challenges in accomplishing that, one of which is the difficulty of choice, for there are many countries for the immigrants to crave for but only some of them are welcoming enough.

Living Abroad

When many people start thinking of or imagining living in another country, they might immediately think of leaving an airport with a backpack, taking a cab to the abode that they rented beforehand, and living there just like that. While this sometimes might be just like the things go, in many cases, there are more things to consider and do. From choosing a city and a particular area there to checking the translation companies reviews for immigration document translation to finding a steady job to be able to live in that country, all of that requires time and some real effort.

Yet, the first step would be choosing the country in the first place. But it’s very unlikely that you have visited all countries around the world to be able to pick just one for a considerable amount of time. That’s why the following list of the top picks for a start is for you.

  • The biggest country in North America that has a rather small population for such a status. With only around 38 million people being residents of Canada, it will be relatively easy to find a job and a place to live in this country. At the same time, the prices for food, housing, and entertainment do not bite here, so you’ll be able to not only live but have some fun here.
  • If you feel like living somewhere near Europe but not exactly in it then Finland is for you. Being quite a spacious home for only 5.5 million people, Finland has only slightly higher GDP per capita meaning that you’ll be able to find equal job and housing to make sure that your life in this country goes just as planned and turns out to be a great experience living in another country after all.
  • New Zealand. Now, if you feel like living just as far as possible from anywhere in the world, New Zealand would be a top pick for you. Located nearly 2,000 km away from the Australian shore, New Zealand hosts about 4.8 million people on its 268,000 km, meaning that you won’t meet more than 20 people on a single square kilometre. So, if you’re not really a party person and like the relaxed pace of life, go to New Zealand.
  • Getting back to Nordic Europe, Norway is yet another great country if you like the average to mildly cold climate and want to feel the wonderful quality of life. Being one of the richest countries, Norway is a home for 327 million people and one of the highest GDPs in the world. At the same time, finding a job here, even for an immigrant, will not be a problem as the country practices healthy views on innovation, which always requires some labour.
  • Finally, if you’re in for something exotic, Malaysia is more than a decent pick for you. With a 32 million population and a very high Human Development Index, Malaysia is a destination for those who love exotic halal food and Muslim culture.

Now, living in another country and being lucky to find a perfect job there is great, but it’s always better to be safe. So, before you decide to go living abroad, make sure you have some kind of freelance job that brings you some money to ensure housing and food on a stable basis, especially if you plan to find a full-time job after you arrive. There’s no use in living in another country if the conditions of such living are poor and the overall experience is below positive.

Living Freely

One of the best things about living in different places of the world at different points of time is the feeling of freedom it provides. On top of that, living in different countries means immersing in different cultures, which greatly broadens your horizons and spices up the experience of life overall. Still, traveling abroad and living there continuously is also a big responsibility and, in many cases, a great challenge. So, before you actually go living somewhere abroad, make sure you’ve got all the needed things covered, from getting all the documents done and translated to getting a job with some more or less steady income.


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