What Makes Poland So Special?

By : Nick Marr

The world is full of beauty, charm, and hidden possibilities. There are numerous places that offer several opportunities and a great adventure; therefore, they ought to be visited at least once in your life.

Whether you are planning to move overseas in search of a better life or better job or are just looking for the next stop on your journey to satisfy your wanderlust, here’s an ideal place to consider.


Read on to find out what makes the country so special and why you should consider moving to Poland.

Nature’s Wonderland

Don’t underestimate its size.

Despite its small area, Poland is rich with varying landscapes that range from tall, exquisite mountains and peaceful valleys to majestic lakes and pristine beaches.

The Tatra Mountains offer nothing less than a fairytale scenery. The Carpathians, which are an outdoor playground, the sandy beaches and the stunning rocky shores along the Baltic Coastline make Poland nature’s haven.

So whether you love to hike, bike, swim or dive, rest assured that Poland offers every adventure that you can dream of.

Rich architecture

Although it was the center of action during World War II, many historic buildings and places that date as far back as the 13th Century still stand gracefully in Poland.

The Old Market Square in Poznan was established in 1253 and it still caters to customers today. Whether you want to grab a coffee or a meal, the Square is the ideal place to satisfy your appetite.

You can even enjoy cultural events if you visit this place during the summer.

Tour the world’s largest castle and prepare to be amazed at the size, grandeur and the sheer beauty of the Malbork Castle.

The buzz of city life

If you love the hustle and bustle of city life, then you will also love moving to Poland.

Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, is not just rich with history and culture but is also full of activities for every city lover.

Be it a busy work life, fine dining and shopping, visits to art galleries and museums, fun festivals or an exuberant nightlife, Poland is guaranteed to entertain you no matter what your age.

Work mentality

No matter what their profession, the Polish take great responsibility for their work. They are proud of their jobs and work tirelessly to become successful.

So, if you are a true workaholic and want to move overseas in search of better job opportunities, then Poland is the ideal place for you.

Public transport

Whether you want to permanently relocate or visit as a tourist, you wouldn’t face any difficulty in exploring the cities in Poland. This is because the country has an efficient public transport system.

Even in large cities, you won’t experience any traffic congestion. Take one of the several buses or trams to reach on time wherever you want to.


Poland is considered one of the safest European countries because of its low crime rate. You can easily travel or even walk alone at night without having to fear anything.

Therefore, if you are moving with a moving company to Poland, then sit back and relax because you have made the best decision.