Why London remains one of the World’s most Alluring Places to Live

By : Nick Marr

There has been something of a scramble for property in London in recent times, and this has contributed to a major price hike throughout the capital. This trend also played a part in driving a nationwide rise in property prices, with market growth of more than 2.1% during the second financial quarter. With the corresponding figure for August having fallen to just 0.1%, however, there are clear signs that this trend is beginning to reverse amid tumbling demand.

 With the market in the capital stagnating, this is sending waves of panic throughout the UK. After all, London remains the trend-setter for real estate growth in Great Britain, and regional decline here is likely to impact on market sentiment and lower prices in the North. This is certainly something for home-owners to watch with interest, as many may have missed a unique opportunity to maximise the value in the homes.

 London as Britain’s Premier Place to Live: its key Advantages

 Not only is London a trend-setter in British real estate, however, but it also remains the premier living location in the whole of the UK. This is because it offers multiple advantagesincluding the following: –

 1.     Outstanding Career Prospects

 While the cost of living may be higher in parts of London than any other British region, salaries are proportionately more rewarding. This is because there are a plethora of growing and prosperous industries that shine brightest in the nations’ capital, each of which offers untold opportunity for success, wealth and career development. Although the job market in London is an extremely competitive environment in which only the most proactive can thrive, those with talent and commitment can genuinely make their professional dreams come true over time.

 2.    A Tremendous Social Scene

 London is also particularly alluring to young professionals, whose aim is to create a positive work-life balance that combines honest toil with an active social life. London is the ideal location for them to achieve this, as in addition to its vibrant labour market it also boasts world-class entertainment, accommodation and eateries. The nature of entertainment and cuisine in London is also extremely diverse, and multi-cultural elements combine to create an experience that is befitting as a major international capital. Whether you are a fan of opera, musical theatre or unique street food, London is a city that has something to entertain everyone.

 3.    Transport Links with Europe and the Rest of the UK

 While London may be based in the south of the UK, it remains a central hub for travellers throughout Great Britain and Europe. It boasts excellent transport links to other major cities in the UK, for example, whether you travel direct by motorway or take one of the regions convenient and affordable trains. In terms of international travel, London is renowned as a gateway to locations in Northern Europe and popular countries such as France. For anyone who lives there, London provides a wonderful base from which to travel and take in some of the finest sites throughout England, the UK and central Europe.