Strategies To Help You Get Cheaper Home Insurance


There’s often a better deal to be made regarding home insurance coverage. People need only look for them.

Last month there was a fall in home insurance costs, providing much relief to the households fearing the worst of the cost of living crisis. Still, though it’s a positive step forward, times of turbulence are ahead, and things could always be cheaper. There’s never any sense in needlessly wasting money, especially when economic calamities loom.

Therefore, it’s still a good idea to revisit home insurance costs and devise ways to lower them. Even smaller savings are worth celebrating today, so every possibility is worth considering.

Whatever your situation, here are some strategies to help you get cheaper home insurance today.

Find An Insurance-Friendly Home

Insurance premiums can be affected by the type of thing that you buy. Therefore, if you’re about to move and searching for a new property, it’s worth keeping insurance factors in mind as you go.

Homes have criteria that insurers prefer. For example, new homes can sometimes be cheaper to insure if they’ve been built with the latest and greatest materials. Other factors like flood risks and local crime rates can change things, and just a simple postcode can change everything.

Fitted locks on doors and windows can bring insurance costs down, while unique construction problems and thatched roofs can bump them up again. If your home is unoccupied for lengthy periods (typically 30 days, but policies vary), that can also work against you. Excluding extra add-ons like coverage for accidental damage can help too.

Ultimately, various correlations are at play between buying and insuring the home. Try to pay closer attention to all of these details. Even the slightest changes to your selection process can affect your chances of securing cheaper home insurance. If you’ve bought something without upgraded security measures, consider installing them later.

Utilise Unbiased Comparison Sites

Comparison sites are useful if they provide objective data. Some out there are affiliated with the entities they tout, and it’s important to avoid them.

CompareNI can help you find all the best quotes for home insurance in Northern Ireland, where you can access figures from over 30 providers. You could save up to £102 with their help, and their online quote forms are Norton secured to ensure you navigate things safely. After filling in the form, you’ll be met with a range of quotes that can instantly help you make the most cost-effective decision. Look for services where you are if you’re not in the area.

Using a comparison site can also prevent you from auto-renewing your home insurance. It’s illegal for insurers to raise prices based on your loyalty today, but costs can still rise for other reasons, and better deals occasionally materialise and shouldn’t be ignored. Whether you’re look for home insurance in Northern Ireland or elsewhere, always keep searching!

Time the Change

There is an optimum time to procure new home insurance. It’s typically 17-30 days before your policy starts. Buying your home insurance three weeks before the coverage is scheduled to start may earn you savings of up to 20%+.

You can kickstart the process even sooner, locking in insurance quotes with some providers 60-90 days before you need them to come into effect. So long as you don’t change your details, you can have peace of mind that prices won’t change. Moreover, you’ll still have the flexibility to search for a better deal within that window.

Try not to leave things until the last minute. It can make a huge difference in home insurance savings.

Bundle Your Insurance Coverage

Not all your insurance coverages need to be a standalone arrangement. They can sometimes be grouped together for a more affordable deal.

For example, home insurance can sometimes be paired in with car insurance to make things cheaper. These bundles can sometimes come with hefty discounts from providers too. However, the viability of these arrangements can fluctuate and often depend on your personal circumstances.

Therefore, it’s best to visit the comparison sites like the one listed above to see if two insurance products will be more affordable to buy separately rather than bundled.

Review Your Claims History

Making constant claims on any insurance arrangement you have will raise costs. Therefore, it’s worth considering whether the need is great enough to use your coverage.

After all, there are many quirky claims people issue, but it could be said that insurance-related solutions aren’t always necessary to remedy some of these problems. Look through your own claims history and try to see if there’s a pattern of you or your partner ‘jumping the gun’ on similar matters. It might be that many of the repairs you’ve needed ultimately come down to your negligence, so keeping your property in good order are highly recommended.

Home insurance doesn’t typically cover wear and tear. Still, it’s best to keep your property in the best condition possible and avoid any needless claims being made. View your coverage as a last resort safety net rather than a get-out-of-jail-free card.

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