Elegant Ways To Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Areas

outdoor living space

With the warm weather and long days coming in at long last, thoughts turn to spending time outside again. But after months of neglect, your outside areas may need some TLC to make them the space you crave. Giving your outdoor space an elegant upgrade at any time of year will add style and comfort, encouraging you to use your whole home fully. And there are plenty of clever ways to do this regardless of size, climate, and purpose.

Defined Areas

Even a modest-sized yard can be multipurpose, so organize the space into defined areas. A patio area with furniture for relaxing and dining, separate from a children’s play area, will minimize your kids running through conversation every thirty seconds. Depending on the dynamic and space, these spaces can be loosely defined for an open plan flow. Or use careful planting to create screening to give a sense of privacy without boxing off areas completely.


If your outside spaces aren’t working for you anymore, consider bringing in a landscaper to transform them. Hiring a masonry company in Suffolk County allows a difficult-to-use slope to be turned into elegant terraces. Incorporating a water feature will complement and soften the stone used in the walls while adding soothing sounds to your new living area. You’ll gain space while improving the garden’s aesthetics in one go, making it the perfect upgrade.


A vital part of any outdoor area are plants, and a garden upgrade is no different. Choose plants that will thrive in your local climate and complement your chosen layout. Either directly in the ground or in pots, tall plants add shade and privacy. Smaller plants, such as shrubs and perennials, complement these taller plants, adding texture and interest. Even if you desire a low-maintenance garden, plenty of stylish plants needs little attention while looking stunning.

Garden Room

A brilliant way to extend the sitting out season is by placing a garden room in a quiet spot outside. A garden room provides a shady place to sit in the heat or a warm retreat when the temperate drops too low to sit comfortably by the chiminea alone. These cute little buildings can bring an exciting look to the garden while giving the ultimate indoor/outdoor living mix.

Play With Light

Upgrading your outside doesn’t require dramatic change, especially if you’re happy with the space and layout. Experiment with light and color to bring a different look and feel to the garden. Hanging a mirror in a sunny spot will reflect light into darker areas, making it feel brighter and more open. Plants with different colored foliage and flowers look amazing, reflecting in mirrors and bringing a different feel to the area.

Upgrading your outdoor living areas with an elegant touch can be as easy as adding interesting plants and decorations to the space. Or you can go all out and have the garden landscaped to better suit your needs while updating the look. Then you can sit back and enjoy being outside as much as inside your home.

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